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With our template design technology you can now create digital magazines and websites.

Digital Magazine
Do you have a business message that you wish to communicate to your customers, employees or stakeholders?

A digital magazine publishes your story to your customers and employees by offering smart interactive publications that are monitored by google analytics allowing you to know what your customers preferences are.

Check out our magazine: www.dutchtembo.com

For companies who are ready to execute their vision, we recommend you to go through our plans and pick what is best for you. However, for the companies that are not sure of what it is they are looking for we recommend you use the demo version that we have available.

Construct your online publications with our efficient and steadfast software.

Your visual template builder

We use “building blocks” to ensure that every customer gets the opportunity they ought to have when it comes to the creation of their digital magazines.

We provide options that will suit not only our customers budget but also their level of expertise in the digital world.
The reason why we do this is because we want to enable both experienced and non-experienced customers to explore the diverse designs we offer here at William Digital Agency.

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We take a great deal of pride when it comes to ensuring that our customers are met with the highest grade of support from a technical and design level.